No Last Call at the Gold Dust Lounge

No Last Call at the Gold Dust Lounge – Party time at the Gold Dust!

Attorney Joe Cotchett of Cotchett, Pitre & MCarthy is telling the Bovis Brothers and Gold Dust Lounge employees that they’re doors will not be padlocked this weekend (as threatened by San Singer and Jon Handlery) and Sheriff Mikarimi has no court order to evict.

Cotchett say’s that as long as the litigation continues, no judge will put the wonderful Bovis brothers on the street and the GOLD DUST LOUNGE Will CONTINUE TO OPERATE AS USUAL.

Therefore for the Bovis brothers, our many patrons and our beloved Gold Dust Lounge we will have a party this Saturday. 

Instead of being evicted we will be celebrating that there is No Last Call for the Gold Dust Lounge for now. 

The historic bar will not be padlocked on Sunday and Sheriff Ross Mikarimi will not be evicting the Bovis Brothers until the courts decide on their lawsuit (no time soon).

Our lawyer Joe Cotchett told the 25 musicians and 10 Gold Dust employees not to apply for unemployment benefits. 

Meanwhile talks continue, our efforts to have San Francisco declare the Gold Dust Lounge a historic landmark continues, there is no court ordered eviction  and everybody’s jobs are safe for now.

Where: Gold Dust Lounge, 247 Powell St, San Francisco
: 2pm-midnight, March 10th (eviction day)

  • Unlike most nights where the band plays from 8:30pm onwards, on Saturday we will have 10 hours of live music through the ENTIRE afternoon and evening! For FREE!
  • Catherine Hill will also join the band for a sing-a-long, featuring Johnny Z and the Camaros
  • To kick start the celebration, $1 Vitamin V (Vodka) between 2pm and 3 pm
  • Come and sign the petition and thank the Bovis Brothers for 47 years of fun at the Gold Dust Lounge.

We have also just passed 4,000 likes on Facebook and we want to increase the awareness of our plight.

So if we can hit 5,000 likes DURING the party, everyone in the bar at that time gets a $1 Vodka!

Can we do this? We have 10 hours (2pm till midnight) and have just passed 4,000.

That would mean we need 1,000 likes in 10 hours, 100 likes an hour.

If the bar is full of 50 people, each person needs to get a friend or two to like our page.

We think we can do it and in doing so, we will continue our exposure to the campaign.

The more people we reach, the more sign our petition, the more the supervisors and historic commission will listen.

You CAN help us save the Gold Dust Lounge. Join us this Saturday.